Life is too short to work with people you don’t like

You want to do good work for good people. We feel the same.

Every business owner deserves a proactive accountant to help them grow.

But we believe you achieve more when your accountant grows with you as a friend and confidant.

We’re a good fit if you:

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    Are a service-based business located in Fort Worth, Texas.
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    Have 1 or 2 owners
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    Have grown too much to do your own accounting
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    Maybe have an in-house bookkeeper, but don’t have a CFO.
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    Want a personal relationship with your accountant

So many people come to us and say “I can’t get my accountant on the phone”

That’s not us.

When you’re worried about your business, we’re going to help you get to the root of the problem. We aren’t nickel-and-diming you every time you have a question, and you know exactly who to call whenever you need business advice.

But as your confidant, we aim to combat those problems before they arise by being a part of your business.

Up to date and accurate financials. Period.
Access to your reports at all times
To know what you’re paying us, no matter what
A trusted voice on the end of the phone when you need advice

We’re professional but not stuffy

We care more about showing up consistently, than what we show up in.


The dress code is shorts and t-shirts
There’s no pretense here. What you see is what you get. What we say we’re going to do, we do.

phone calls

Phone calls and emails are free
Call when you’re concerned about something. We want you sleeping well, not awake worrying about the health of your business.

Get to know us personally


Justin Sadler

It’s hard to choose what I love the most about my job. Beyond just getting to meet people and spend real time with them, I get to consult on business issues, be the finance guy, and show clients the good side of tax. I love the satisfaction of breaking down a complex subject and empowering my clients with the knowledge to make great business decisions, big or small. Honestly, this job rarely feels like work to me, because I work with and for people I really like. Then I go home and spend time with more people I like (my wife and kids). Bliss.

Team Bio

The team at Sadler are a group of individuals that deeply care about our clients. We’re passionate about making sure their business grows and seeing them thrive. We genuinely care about them not just as clients, but as humans.

If we sound like your kind of people

see how we could support you.